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Metropolitan Book Suppliers


The Dream of a Young Lad - Founder Terry Clarence Cassim


After leaving his Alma mater St. Georges College, Barataria, He joined the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge Bookstore (SPCK). He was awarded a British Council Scholarship to study Bookselling in 1965, he returned in 1967 and picked up duties at the SPCK bookstore on the Campus of The University of the West Indies formerly ‘The Imperial College


Then the Bookstore relocated to Port of Spain. He managed this store and its branches until the Franchise decided to closed its operation in Trinidad.


Shortly after he opened IBIS Bookstore on Chacon Street, then the store relocated to Henry Street and rebranded as Metropolitan Book Suppliers Ltd. Since opening under this brand in 1974 the Bookstore has been in operations for 45 years (2019). The Store has been known for having some of the most unusual publications and has also played an important part in the edifying of some the country’s Educators, Businessmen, Engineers, tradesmen and parliamentarians to name a few.